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Progressive Physical Therapy
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by Cheryl Gates-Beller on Progressive Physical Therapy

I have lived with pain for several months and finally sought help through Ortho One and when Rx there called for Physical Therapy I chose Jim Krupar. I am a Home Care Nurse and have witnessed Jim treat the TOTAL Patient and not just stop with routine strengthening exercises He listens and evaluates all aspects of pain spector before he plans the most appropriate care I have learned so much about my problem and have been able to adjust and adapt to help with my treatment I would highly recommend Progressive Physical Therapy to all those in need of knowledgeable management of therapy needs

by Vickie Nelson on Progressive Physical Therapy
Amazing Life Change

Jim Krupar has changed my life. I was experiencing shoulder pain and thought Jim could help with that, but what I got from our sessions was more than I ever could have imagined. My physical pain was a result of issues I had been unknowingly hanging on to for many years. Through his gentle touch, vast knowledge, and huge capacity for compassion, Jim has taught me how to let those things go and make choices based on the strong person I am today. The cool thing about this is that the pain in my body was tied to the past, and in this process it has simply gone away. Because of the tools I now possess and use regularly my life is filled with power and gratitude, and that's a great place to be!

by Linda Folk on Progressive Physical Therapy
Definitely Released Our Pain with a Touch

My husband and I were lucky enough to have Jim Krupar referred to us by my husband's orthopedic surgeon two years ago. What a godsend. My husband had to have a hip replacement and Jim was there to aid in his recovery. Jim not only worked on his hip pain and scar treatment, he also found and released pain in other areas unassociated with the actual surgery. Pain in the back, shoulders and knees was released with a touch here and a touch there. My husband is a skeptic so when he raved about Jim, I had him work on my back and shoulders. After two "touch treatments", I was amazed that the pain in my scapula(that I had lived with all my life) was gone. Jim said our bodies are like computers that need to be re-booted and he was right. We have referred him to several others and they are all so happy we did. Thank you, Jim.

by Wendy J. on Progressive Physical Therapy
How My Pain Was Swept Away

I am a 17 year old girl with Stickler Syndrome. I have enlarged and loose joints that are very painful. I have tried several different anti-inflammatory medications, steroids, cortisone injections, heat, ice, and braces all with little or no results. My physical medicine doctor suggested I go back to the physical therapist for a few visits. (I had had physical therapy a few years ago to help with stretching exercises.)

When I got to Ohio Health outpatient physical therapy, I really didn’t think the therapy would help, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. At first when Jim Krupar, the therapist, felt the pain over my body, I had no idea how much I really had. Then Jim started to do some odd things with my head and other places throughout my body. It seemed as if only 5 minutes had gone by when he told me to sit up. When I did, I was shocked. I felt like I had just woken up from a long and good night’s sleep … I have not slept in such a long time … My pain was gone … ALL of it was gone … the first thing that came to me was wow this is what all the ohter people who don’t have pain feel like … it was amazing. It lasted for a while but it slowly came back … so when I came to see Jim again I thought it would feel the same … but I felt better! He did a few new things and poof! I felt even better! It was like I was not even on the ground … it was so heavenly … when I put my feet on the ground it was like I was as light as a feather … And what made all this better is that now it is lasting much longer … my pain is slowly going away … without drugs or anything … if all the surgeries I had gave me these results I would want to do them everyday! … but I did not need any of that to feel better … Jim can use my own body to make my pain go away … and that in itself is amazing … for anyone who is thinking of tryng this … DO IT! IT WILL BE THE BEST THING EVER! AND YOU WILL GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT WITHOUT DRUGS OR SURGERIES! IT ROCKS!!

by Linda D. on Progressive Physical Therapy
The PRRT Worked!

I first started physical therapy with Jim to get relief from a rigt hip and knee problem I had from a car accident in March. I was very limited in my mobility. Some days the pain was as high as a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10! I just wanted to ffeel better. Jim suggested PRRT and explained it to me. He also gave me a web site to research. I wanted to get back to my normal activity level and was willing to try just about anything. The PRRT worked! It is quite amazing to feel so much relief from such simple techniques. The techniques were not painful at all. I feel better and have so much more energy. I am not back to being 100% yet, but I feel confident that I will soon reach my goals. I also have a much improved range of motion on my right shoulder that has a 5mm tear in the rotator cuff and tendon. An added bonus from the PRRT! I would highly recommen PRRT to anyone who has not seen improvement in their condition.

by Ray M. on Progressive Physical Therapy
I Saw Immediate Results

I was in a car accident almost two years ago and injured my neck and left shoulder. I was hit from behind by a car going over 40 mph. I had severe shoulder and neck pain. I did the traditional physical therapy and pain killers immediately following the accident for approximately six weeks and followed up with several “prescription” doctors who told me I would be fine in a couple months. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

Then last April I started to have severe pain in both my hips and sought help from a couple specialists who could not diagnose me but put me on several pain killers and muscle relaxers. By this point, I was on a cocktail mixture of 6-7 different prescriptions that I was taking on a daily basis.

I had been through nine different doctors with the same disappointing outcome. “Try this prescription and come back in two weeks”. After several visits I was told there was nothing else they could do for me.

I finally came across Jim Krupar’s Progressive Physical Therapy, after suffering for 1 ½ years with constant headaches, neck, shoulder and hip pain, depression, and not being able to sleep or exercise.

At first, I was somewhat skeptical, but when you are in pain you will try anything. I saw immediate results, my headaches are less severe and frequent, my shoulder is almost pain free and I am able to sleep through the night. I feel better and now have the energy to exercise while reducing my medicine to 1-2 prescriptions a day! Best of all, Jim has provided me with hope. When others told me I would not get any better and “I had to toughen up and deal with the pain”, Jim came along and provided me with a roadmap to well being, reduced stress and pain free living.

Jim’s holistic approach is amazing! He utilizes your entire body to make you feel better. I have gotten far better results with PRRT than any drug I have taken. This is the best I have felt in over a year!

I normally do not promote or endorse any products or services, but if you are in pain I highly recommend trying PRRT. I can honestly say, Jim has changed my life for the better.

by Mary Jane on Progressive Physical Therapy
My Personal Experience with PRRT was Amazing!

But first, some background. I had started going to physical therapy because I couldn’t walk right. I’d had a herniated disc pressing on the nerve that sends signals to my right foot and leg. As a result, my right leg was very weak, which made it very difficult to walk. And to make matters worse, I had let it go for almost a year before coming here. I was very skeptical of physical therapy in general. I had tried going to a physical therapist once at another place shortly after it happened last year, but I was very uncomfortable there and never went back. I did not see how it could help, so I honestly believed I would have the limp and the pain in my lower back forever, which was very depressing.

I managed to continue to work at my job, on my feet all day, but I would literally drag myself home after a day’s work and go to bed for a couple hours, get up for a couple hours, and go back to bed. There were actually times that I laid there and thought I was going to die soon—that’s how bad my whole body felt. And if it hadn’t been for the thought of my mom and son, I would have wished to die soon. I hurt all over. I mentioned it to my family doctor but he didn’t seem too concerned; he said we could run some tests, but I guess I didn’t really want to since I never pursued it. I finally decided that I probably had fibromyalgia because my mom and her sisters have it and they hurt all over too. So, there I was, 45 years old, believing that I would never be able to truly enjoy walking again and that a general allover hurt would be my everyday reality for the rest of my life. I felt really old.

So, anyhow, it was actually my boss who pushed me into giving physical therapy a chance. He was worried about me—that my walking the way I did would damage other parts of my body to the point that I wouldn’t be able to work. So I got a referral from my doctor and ended up here, which I now realize is the best possible place he could have sent me. My only goal when I came here was to walk normal again. I didn’t even mention the pain that much because I guess I was kind of learning to live with it, because I figured I had to; but I really wanted to walk normal again someday—although I thought even that was a longshot.

So, we started physical therapy. I did my exercises faithfully every morning and night, and I was amazed how quickly I noticed an improvement. I still had a limp but it wasn’t quite as hard to walk. I was excited. I thought I was progressing quite well, but one day I came in and Jim told me he wanted to check something else because he didn’t think some areas were improving as much as they should. He told me I could possibly feel 50% better that day when he was done. I thought, okay, but didn’t quite understand—that seemed like an odd thing for him to say.

So, he had me lie down and he checked several spots on my body for pain. He first pressed on the bottom of my feet and I thought I would jump off the table because it hurt so much. And most of the other places he proceeded to check were also very painful. It was weird because it reminded me of just how much pain I was always in—I’d had it so long that I accepted it as my normal. He said it wasn’t supposed to be like that. So then he proceeded to put pencils under my ring fingers and began doing what I thought to be very unusual things to me, like pulsating here, tapping there, etc. The techniques he did didn’t hurt—actually, I had to keep myself from laughing because they seemed kind of strange. Then, after he finished, he went back and rechecked all the spots that had hurt so much just minutes earlier, and the pain was pretty much, if not completely, gone! It was weird, but wonderful! I came back 2 days later, and he rechecked the spots again, and I think a couple places hurt a little and he did a couple of his PRRT techniques again and it pretty much got rid of what little pain was there. He also showed me some techniques to do myself at home, which I do faithfully.

As I’m writing this, it has been a little over a week since I had the PRRT and I feel wonderful! I may not be totally perfect, but I’m close, and I feel 100% better! I went there with just a small hope that maybe they could help me walk better, and I ended up not only walking totally normal, but my whole entire body is basically pain-free now and I feel like a new person!

As a result of being pain-free, I have tons more energy, I’m eating healthier and exercising, have been able to stop taking my high blood pressure medication, and am just basically happier and feel better and younger than I have in years! I am so thankful for all the circumstances that led me to this particular center where the one person in this city who practices the PRRT just happens to work and was able to see that I could possibly benefit from it. And the gratitude I feel towards Jim is indescribable. It may sound corny, but he gave me my life back. And I tell everyone I know about him and the PRRT—I could not more highly recommend it.

Unfortunately, many people tend to be skeptical, like I was, but all I can say is it worked for me. It worked amazingly for me! Jim said I may need to have it done again occasionally—maybe every six months or so, like you would a dentist or doctor—to keep it in check. I will be most happy to keep up with it, because it is so worth it! If you happen to be someone who has pain and is considering it, I hope you will at least give it a try, because it just might do for you what it did for me. And I wish that on everybody!

by Angela H. on Progressive Physical Therapy
No More Pain in My Kneecap

Several months after fracturing my kneecap, I was finally able to jog without significant pain. However, a few weeks after starting a running program, I developed a bursitis below my kneecap. Because of the significant pain and the continued weakness of my leg, I was given a prescription for physical therapy. I saw Jim 2 weeks after my injury, and at the time was taking 800 mg of Motrin three to four times daily. Motrin and ice would help somewhat, but I still had significant swelling and pain by the through most of my workday. Jim did a full assessment and a few manipulations that first day. I could feel the tightness in my leg release very quickly. By the next day, I had considerably less pain, and didn’t need any Motrin. By the next appointment, which was the following week, I had absolutely no pain in my kneecap or the area with the bursitis. The swelling was also gone. I am now working with Jim on strengthening those muscles. I was astonished by how quickly I responded to a few very simple maneuvers. I was expecting to have to live with aches and arthritis pain, not the results that I achieved so quickly. More physical therapists should learn this technique.