AAT is a gentle, comforting technique designed to change your conditioned negative associations by creating new positive sensory and cognitive awareness.
This will restore homeostasis to the mind and body which will in turn reduce or eliminate many of the sympathetically driven physical conditions you are currently experiencing.

The treatment is done in a laying position with moist heat, soft lighting, and your choice of music. The therapist initiates 5 types of sensory input with the hands, including light touch, vibration, deep pressure, scratching, and tapping.
These sensations along with the creation of a safe environment allow the body and mind to change its current conditioned negative associations. Please go to to get more information. Make sure you watch the video “Chronic pain explained”.

PRRT was developed by John Iams, a physical therapist in Poway, California. This pain relief method is based on two primal reflexes in humans: the startle reflex and the withdrawal reflex.
These reflexes work together with the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which controls bodily functions like breathing, digestion, muscle and nerve function. After a physical trauma, the body reacts with a protective reflex. Sometimes muscles stay in a state of reflexive spasm following an injury for weeks, months, or years. The body’s protective reflexes thus become chronic and abnormal, which causes chronic joint and muscle problems like headaches, TMJ dysfunction, shoulder, neck and back pain, etc.

With PRRT painful areas are treated with various techniques, which usually take less than 15 minutes. Techniques might include tapping certain areas or holding the body in a position to relax opposing muscle groups. Other techniques work to reset the startle and withdrawal reflex. When combined with massage therapy, PRRT reduces trigger points and muscle spasm, allowing for easier muscle release.

One or two visits will reveal whether PRRT will work for you. 80% of patients get fast results from PRRT.