WHAT IS PRRT(Primal Reflex Release Technique)?

PRRT is a gentle, safe, all natural approach that can quickly reduce pain and help the body heal itself. Using a quick full body assessment, the therapist finds the areas of the body that are holding onto the pain. After the assessment, the therapist uses the gentle techniques to address and quickly clear these painful areas, allowing the body to go back to normal movement patterns, due to the reduced pain. It is not unusual to find that areas far away from the pain area contribute to continuing the pain pattern. Addressing these areas, will allow for better reduction of pain and long lasting results.

About 12 years ago, John Iams, PT discovered that some of the reflexes that we are born with to keep us alive are still very active into adulthood. John found that these reflexes (withdrawal, startle) become overactive in the body due to injury, trauma, surgery, stress, etc. and that these reflexes remain active instead of shutting off. In essence, the body/brain becomes frozen like a computer that freezes. The PRRT approach helps the body re-boot and allows the nervous system to go back to normal function.